Martian sunrises, as seen by the HiRISE orbiter

These aren’t actual images from HiRISE orbiter camera. They are topographical renderings made by Dutch artist Kees Veenenbos using data from NASA’s Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter, an instrument aboard the space agency’s Mars Global Surveyor that mapped the planet from 1997-2006. More information here at huffpostscience.

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Hagamos una revolución
Que nuestro líder sea el Sol
Y nuestro ejército
Sean mariposas.

Por bandera otro amanecer
Y por conquista comprender
Que hay que cambiar
Las espadas por rosas.

Mägo de Oz - La Costa del Silencio (via starlili)

On Thursday (13/02/2014), CNN’s news anchor Fernando del Rincón interviewed Elías Jaua, Venezuela’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Many topics were treated in the interview, such as the Government’s view on the several marches and protest going on around the country. 

When asked about the students’ who died (both shot), and about the possibility of the Police being involved in the crimes, Jaua roundly denied their participation, claiming the police didn’t have guns or weapons during said protests. Incredibly, the Minister said the students were killed by other students as well, tagging all those who are against the Government as “nazi-fascist.” 

During the interview, Fernando del Rincón said CNN had proofs of police forces carrying weapons during the protests, ponting at the students and shooting at them. There were also a lot of pictures showing pellet wounds. Jaua dismissed those pictures, excusing himself because he hadn’t seen them. 

After several minutes of the interview, Jaua finally admitted the Police carried weapons (other than tear gas), and only because the protest had turned “violent.”

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